Racial Disparities in Education

I need a research paper on racial disparities/inequalities/disadvantages in education, particularly higher ed. a bibliography should be included, but not in the paper count.  My current working outline is: 1.       Introduction       a.       Background on race population in America b.       Background on segregation in America c.       Introduce topics                                                                i.      Environment and Poverty                                                              ii.      Early education years                                                            iii.      High school education                                                            iv.      School-to-prison pipeline                                                              v.      High School Drop Out Rates                                                            vi.      High School Environment                                                           vii.      Undergraduate Enrollment                                                         viii.      Graduate Enrollment                                                             ix.      Undergraduate Education                                                              x.      Graduate Education                                                             xi.      Undergraduate Graduation/Drop Out Rates                                                           xii.      Graduate Graduation/Drop Out Rates                                                         xiii.      College Environment                                                         xiv.      How these are financed/College Debt                                                           xv.      Employment and Earnings 2.       Environment a.       Family statistics b.       Economic Statistics c.       Neighborhood Ethnicity Makeup d.       Food Insecurities 3.       Early Education a.       Private vs. Public b.       Teachers Experience c.       Class Sizes 4.       High School Education a.       Private vs. Public b.       Extracurriculars c.       Racial Makeup d.       Teachers Experience e.       Class Sizes f.        Busing 5.       School to Prison Pipeline 6.       High School Drop Out Rates 7.       High School Experience a.       Working? b.       Single-Parent homes/Divorce c.       Internet Access d.       Car access e.       Siblings 8.       Undergraduate Enrollment 9.       Graduate Enrollment 10.   Undergraduate Graduation/Drop Out Rates 11.   Graduate Graduation/Drop Out Rates 12.   College Environment      a.       Working b.       Living on/off campus c.       Transportation 13.   Finances a.       Loans b.       Grants c.       Scholarships d.       Out of Pocket 14.   Employment and Earnings a.       Employment Rates b.       Average Salaries c.       Unemployment Rate with Undergrad Degree d.       Unemployment Rate with Graduate Degree e.       College Debt Payoff   You could deviate from the outline somewhat, but within the same themes obviously.

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