Raising Children on Diverse Societies

1. Discuss the impact of social class on parenting 2. What is hyper parenting, also known as intensive parenting or helicopter parenting? What are the effects of these parenting styles on children? 3. Discus the different attitudes of parenting by African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. What do think are the effects of the different parenting styles on outcomes? 4. Discuss the issues raised about parenting multiracial and transnational children 5. Discuss the importance of the chart on page 218-figure 9.1 pie chart which is on family groups with children under 18. What do you see as reflective of future family pattern? 6. Stress Model for Parental Effectiveness suggest way whereby the critical issues can be better managed between work and home life. Discuss these critical issues. 7. Compare ‘social fathers’ single mothers male relatives’ `1roles and married fathers-nonresidential roles. Discuss the different ways they influence parenting 8. Discuss the differences between Authoritative parenting style and Authoritarian parenting style.

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