Reading Response

Assignment Prompt

This assignment requires you to complete the following.  Write a Reading Response paper to respond to some of the critical ideas that you have read in the above article. Use some of the strategies you read about in chapter four to guide your thought process (strategy 5,6, & 7 – see pgs.40 & 41).  Also, go to pages 42-44 to review some writing examples of how sentences/ideas should be phrased in your paper. Your reader response paper must have six clear paragraphs. A paragraph is 12-18 lines. Be sure to quote from the reading at least two times.


Organizing the Paper

Introduction (with a clear thesis statement at the end).

Brief summary (do not repeat the writer’s ideas; instead sum up the importance or value of the ideas. Include a question to give your reader an idea of what you intend to build your response around). In other words, what question is triggering your response? This should be clear at the end of the summary paragraph.

Three Body Paragraphs (See strategy 5 to help you organize your discussion in the body section of the paper). Be sure to support your response with evidence from the text AND your own knowledge.

Conclusion: Restate your thesis; state why your response is important or of value to your reader; what does your response say about people? How do you believe your response can make a difference to readers of the article, in the future? Be insightful.

You may use the knowledge you have acquired in this course to help support your response

Be reminded, this is not a research paper, so do not search for or include details from external sources. A response paper is merely you responding critically to what you have read.

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