Reflecting on Anthropology

Journal Assignment: Reflecting on AnthropologyYou have learned about cultural anthropology, and now it’s time for you to reflect on the content we’ve covered.Choose a creative commons ( licensed image that you feel best represents anthropology and what you’ve learned this term. In your discussion, explain why you chose this image and how it connects to anthropology.Now that you have acquired anthropological knowledge, has it impacted your life in any way? Do you see the world differently? Why or why not? Do you think you’ll incorporate anthropological concepts/perspectives into your life in the future? Why or why not?Requirements:Your assignment must be at least one page, double-spaced. Though this is a short assignment, I expect you all to be thoughtful while you compose your response. Expand on your ideas, support your perspective/argument with any relevant details/information.You can simply paste your image into your document. Don’t forget to cite your image, as well as any other sources you may be using for this assignment.

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