Reflection on Biblical View of Work

The books to be used is Business As Mission -A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice by C.Neal Johnson and Business for Transformation by Patrick LAI Read Johnson (2009), Chapter 2, “BAM Models,” (pp. 58-110) and Chapter 6, “BAM’s Basic Beliefs,” (pp. 153-166) Read Lai (2015), Chapter 3, “Starting the Business—Choosing the Campsite” (pp. 31-45) This week you watched a video on the biblical view of work presented by Mr. Wye Huxford. Using the video, your course resources, and at least one additional scholarly source, write a 3?page essay What work can be missional? Is this an expectation for all Christians or only those employed in vocational ministry? In answering the prompt you select, make sure that you are writing in a way that is both scholarly (using resources) but self?reflective as well (include examples from your own experience). Make sure you cite the course resources and your one additional source correctly in APA format. Please make sure there is a title page and a reference page in addition to the 3 pages.

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