Reflective Social Psychology Project

Since social isolation has become the new norm, I think it’s imperative that we all try to remain social/psychologically fit.  For this final project, you will conduct a personal social experiment aimed at promoting individual wellbeing throughout this current epidemic. To complete this project, address the following questions/ guidelines: Paper should total approx. 10 pages. 1.  How have  you been coping with the long term social isolation caused by the virus outbreak? 2.  How do you think this will affect the community and society (from a sociological perspective) in the long run? 3.  What is your plan to cope with the social isolation and social distancing for the next couple months?   4. How will promote social integration while remaining confined to your home/community/campus 5.  Keep a daily journal for 10 days of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you will submit as the bulk of this social psychology project.

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