Relationship between a Manager and an Employee

Q1. A manager is facing the challenge of integrating all the departmental employees and achieve the organizational objectives. Upon analysis, the manager has figured out that the employees of the certain department are not willing to take up jobs and some of the employees are leaving due to inefficiency of hiring and retention system of the firm. Considering the above situation, answer the following questions:a) What historical context of management theories can be considered by the manager to manage and integrate the whole organization? [2]b) With a specific reference to ‘Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiment’, what could be the reason behind the departure of the employees? [2]c) Can the manager apply quantitative perspectives to understand and predict the behavior of the employees who are leaving? Provide a valid reason for your answer. [1]Q2.Disneyland is the only theme park designed and built to completion under the direct supervision of Walt Disney. It is a huge and world-renowned business of children merchandise and entertainment. It is an American venture, where the idea is to give the visitors an American experience. Children love the experience at Disney as they get to love the life in their favorite fairytale. It faced Disney wants to explore the new growth markets with some of their merchandise because it knows that it is quite popular in the newly developed as well. a. Which entry strategies are most appropriate the Disney should choose if it wants to enter India? Write at least any two. (2 Marks)b. What are the possible environmental challenges the Disneyland as a foreign company might face in India? (2 Marks) c. Are the US managers cultural values and Indian visitors’ cultural values same? Comment on this based on Geert Hofstede’s cultural value model. (1 MarksQ3As even the mighty Amazon is forced to grapple with COVID-19 outbreaks, warehouses everywhere are forced to pivot in order to cope with stay-at-home mandates, labor shortages, and massive surges in demand. This has laid bare the supply chain-wide need for comprehensive plans — not only for COVID-19, but for emergencies of all kinds. The famous supply chain company, Legacy SIS, follow this principle very strictly from beginning of its journey. It always prefers to start by mapping out business-critical processes, procedures, technologies, and personnel and imagine the worst scenario as how would your process for receiving shipments need to change in the event of a natural disaster or compliance issues or pandemic. John Cambel, the manager of the company for 10 years, put an emphasis on to create a tiered chain of communication. Moreover, he also included documents with specific instructions each of the related topics which should be considered as living documents and should be regularly updated with new information to ensure accuracy. Considering the given situation solve the following exercise-a. In what area the manager is specialized? (1)b. Which skill was prominently worked for the manager in the prescribed situation? Justify your opinion in single statement. (2)c. Now identify what kind of plan did they execute? Contingency plan or crisis management? Justify your position in proper logic. (2)Q4Donald Trump is planning to sign an order directing ByteDance to “divest its ownership” of TikTok in the US, the report said. Microsoft quickly emerged as a potential buyer of TikTok’s US operations, as first reported by Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino. According to a 1988 law, Trump has the authority to block business deals of “persons engaged in interstate commerce in the United States” if he deems it a national security threat. In a statement, a TikTok representative said that the company did not comment “on rumors or speculation” and that it was “confident in the long-term success of TikTok.” It’s unclear how TikTok or ByteDance will respond to an order, but Trump’s move would represent an escalation in the administration’s attacks on TikTok and other Chinese tech companies – Even though bytedance is a corporation that has 7 different apps under its portfolio and is available in over 150 markets. They have offices in 126 cities. As of November 2019, ByteDance has over 60,000 employees and 15 research and development centers around the globe. Since TikTok came to the US in 2018 and found an energetic and growing base of as many as 80 million users, there have been questions about the amount of access and influence the Chinese government is afforded over TikTok’s user data and content moderation through its parent company, ByteDance. In late 2019, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States launched a national-security investigation into ByteDance’s 2017 acquisition of, a short-form video-editing app already popular in the US that preceded TikTok’s expansion to American users. But TikTok’s China ties have attracted more attention in recent months as the president and administration officials have said they’re weighing a ban on the app. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cited national-security concerns. Some of ByteDance’s US investors, including Sequoia Capital, have been looking into buying a majority stake in the app. The group of investors has valued TikTok, which has more than 2.3 billion downloads worldwide, at a whopping $50 billion. Based on the case, answer:1) which of the i) general environment component and ii) Task environment component should Bytedance deal with? Explain your rationale based on your findings from the case. (Marks: 2) 2) Under this circumstance, what can Bytedance do to directly Influence their business environment? (Marks: 1) and 3) In terms of degree of change and homogeneity, where does bytedance stand? Explain. (Marks: 2)

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