Reliability and Validity

Mini-Proposal #1 (Qualitative)  You must submit a two to three-page qualitative research proposal for research on a topic of your choice. This “mini-proposal” should reflect a brief but highly specific plan for executing research towards a direct contribution (knowledge, application, or social) on your given topic. This submission must include the following: A brief introduction which covers Problem Space, Gap in Knowledge/Practice, and Significance of the Research Minimum One well-crafted Research Question with surrounding analysis/operationalization Three major themes to explore in the surrounding Literature Each of these themes should be accompanied by a brief description as to your rationale and its relevance to the related investigation Proposed Methods with accompanying rationale, which includes Sampling/Population Data Collection (with specific discussion of what the instrument would look like) Data Analysis Form of Outcome & Contribution A brief conclusion discussing how you would ensure Reliability and Validity

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