Religion in Russia

What are your impressions of Religion in Russia? Specifically, cite your reactions to the Russian legislation on Religion and other resources provided in the Resources section of Module 71. Take 4 minutes and admire the ancient beauty of Russian cathedrals and a haunting chant Watch this video of a Christmas service at a Russian Orthodox Church.  Watch for Dmitri Medvedev and his wife at Orthodox Christmas Mass 3. Read these articles about Russian Religion,  How Religious are Russians? , and  Putin Triumphs over Christianity4.  Look at this research about religion in Russia by the Pew Research Center Russians and Religion5.  Putin on his Christianity Putin 6.  Religious Beliefs & Government Statistics 2020: Attitudes Towards Religion7. Yarovaya law 2016: Is Religious Persecution in Russia Escalating? Elderly Baptist Pastor Charged for “Illegal” Missionary Work Newsweek 8.  US State Department Russia International Religious Freedom Report: 2018 9.   Read the lecture notes below and answer the test questions on these notes.IMPORTANT! IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN DB 7, YOU WILL NEED TO REFER TO THE ABOVE RESOURCES.OF COURSE, YOU CAN ADD SOME OF YOUR OWN RESEARCH AS WELL.10. For more information on Russian anti-extremist policies and freedom of religions see Inventing Extremists and Oslo Forum 18 EXTRA: For a more in-depth study of the Russian Orthodox Church and its relationship with the Russian government, please see this article: Russian Orthodox Church and Politics. 

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