renal failure pathophysiology and medication

hi there, This is case study with Question, each question have world limit ,I need writing with that word limit all wording  evidence based research I need high quality work with no grammar errors and    1)  the pathophysiology of T2DM. Excellent discussion of pathogenesis, complications and/ or treatment options. Clear links to Emily’s case   2) Excellent differentiation between T2DM and T1DM in students’ own words (at least 5differences   3)At least 3 reasons for high BGL identified with excellent rationale and clear links to Emily’s case   4)Excellent Discussion the use of medication linked to Emily. All   5)complications/side effects and/or nursing considerations discussed at length   6)Excellent discussion of blood tests with excellent rationale and clear links to Emily’s case.   7)Excellent discussion of renal function test with excellent rationale for appropriate treatment and clear links to Emily’s case.   8)APA style correctly used, no errors. Excellent recent (5-7 years old) and relevant sources used that demonstrated wide reading. Minimum of 12 peer reviewed sources   10)Excellent layout. Writing is concise but thorough. No spelling or grammatic   11)Has introduction and conclusion with main point     Only nursing assignment writer who can understand all about assessment please

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