Renault-Nissan Case Analysis

The case analysis should be no more than 3 pages, single or double-spaced. Your case analysis is due on Canvas by 4pm on the day the case is scheduled to be discussed in class. Note that case analyses submitted after this time will not be accepted. For this week’s case, please focus only on answering the following questions in your written reply. 1.  Identify some of the strengths and weaknesses for each of Renault and Nissan before considering a strategic alliance 2.  Identity some of the strategic objectives of an alliance between Renault and Nissan from each party’s perspective 3.  Discuss whether the two parties appear to be a strategic fit 4.  Discuss whether the two parties appear to be a cultural fit 5.  Consider the implantation of the strategic plan between the parties; identity some of the actions taken and evaluate their effects through 2007

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