Report on Karl Marx Ethics

Three Parts to Include in Report: Part One: Intro to Philosopher 1. Name and time period of philosopher 2. What was the report (focus) of the philosopher in ethics? 3. Tell us about the basic BIO. of the philosopher? 4. Tell us a few things totally offbeat and unusual (and perhaps funny) about the philosopher. Part Two: Primary Readings/Summary 5. What is the name of the philosopher’s famous work in ethics (primary readings)? 6. How many pages did you read of it? Which sections?? 7. Give us a basic summary of what you read. (sections 7 and 8 are the most important parts of the report) 8. Analyze the material…compare/contrast/evaluate Part Three: Application 9. Apply the philosopher’s ideas to today / to yourself. 10. Would you recommend this philosopher to others? Overall, what do you think about this philosopher? Did the philosopher change your thinking in any way? Any final statements about this philosopher??

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