Reportive Writing Case Scenario

In a word document use the following scenario to determine the who, what, when, where, and how of the incident. Discuss how these elements are used to complete the face page of a report. Please ensure that the submission has reader’s flow and makes sense grammatically as well as spelling. Use this video as a TOOL (not an end all be all) to assist with your response. A homeowner came home and discovered that her television, PlayStation, and laptop were missing. After interviewing her, you discover the basement door was unlocked, but the door from the basement into the upstairs was locked. She left the house around 1730 and returned around 1900. After walking through the house, you find a hammer next to the door entering the upstairs from the basement. There are several marks on the door that would suggest the claw part of the hammer was used to pry the door open. She also tells you the rear door of the house was open when she arrived. This appears to be where the individual exited.

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