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* Please do research on a business of your choice, 2 sources plus the videos I provide in the instructions (word cited the video in reference page) Assignment: View the video and describe the Nation and Scope of the business in your own words 1. Nature and scope of business (Links to an external site.) View the Videos on Accounting, Management, Marketing and Economics • Functions of Management (Links to an external site.) • THE ROLE & FUNCTIONS OF ACCOUNTING | A Short Informative Video (Links to an external site.) • Marketing in Business Function (Links to an external site.) • Economic Factors | Definition | Top Factors Affecting Business (Links to an external site.) After viewing the videos, you will write a 2-3 page paper describing these important 4 factors for a business. Research a business of your choice:  *Explain in detail the following     1.How this particular business uses accounting, management, marketing and economics. (Paragraph for each and give examples)     2. Explain what economic factors have impacted the business during Covid-19 and why?     3. If you were the business owner, what strategies would you put in place to sustain your business and why?      4. What additional practices and solutions will you put in place to successfully operate your business in 2021. (with the mind set your business cannot operate the same as before) Please use Times New Romans Font 12. Include cover page, detailed information and a reference page.

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