Research Paper, Case Study and Annotated Bibliography

Your research paper is an independent assignment that should correlate with your assignment 2: research question, case study and annotated bibliography. It should be 8-10 pages of content and a double spaced type written paper that includes a title page, abstract and an APA works cited page. Important NOTE: Please let me know your research paper topic no later than June 30th. Also let me know if you decide to modify your research question from your assignment 2 for your research paper. You should be able to justify the change as well. Here are some other very helpful hints that you should use to write and structure your paper that I will be using to evaluate/assess your papers. 1) Your research paper should include a title page and please see the title page protocols posted in the class update/announcements on May 15th. 2) You should include an abstract following your title page. Your abstract should address both your selected case study that you identified in assignment 2 and it should also briefly discuss what your research paper is going to be about. 3) In the body of your paper, you should provide a captivating introductory paragraph that should include your research question in the first or second paragraph. 4) In the content body of your paper, you should provide some analysis of the effectiveness of how the organization, company, manager/supervisor handled the issue/problem, referencing the scholarly articles you found on the topic (that were annotated in assignment 2) and citing course concepts from the reading and lectures/modules. 5) You will be expected to formulate recommendations that you would make to the management or organization in order to effectively remedy the problem that was identified from your case study or identified as a new problem in your paper that is related to your case study. 6) Provide a detailed, logical rationale for each of your recommendations. Your rationale should reference the scholarly articles you read on the topic to provide support for your position/argument. Also you may reference concepts and readings from the course, but I will be looking for additional readings that you have cited from the UMGC Virtual Library. (This rationale is a significant portion of your paper; it should be at least 1-2 pages.) 7) In all cases, cite your sources/references as required by the APA guidelines and include them in a reference list at the end of your paper. You should expand/increase your references beyond your 5 sources provided in assignment 2. For example for an assignment of this magnitude; you should have a minimum of 8 -10 sources.

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