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Post the menu from the concept restaurant you chose last week. In your post, identify the Menu Type and evaluate how well the menu serves as a Marketing Tool. Also, explain what you think the menu shows about the Menu Considerations faced by the owners.

Menu type

Looking for more detail about what DF served by discovering their menu. Mainly, DF provides type of A la Carte which means guests pick what you want from the card, besides they also have combo for sharing 2 and 4ppl as well. Also, Patron Marita have flight far from the border have served here just so perfectly.


Price: Approximately 79% Vietnamese people willing to pay more to get the healthy foods (Nguyen 2019). In DF the price is around 95 to 395 (.000 vnd)for each meal so that this could say affordable price for their guests
Product: Bringing the authentic tastes from Mexico City. Tacos, chips, masa, salads, queso fresco cheese…the ingredients make in daily and ensure it will fresh. Besides the a la carte, they have combo for 2 or 4 people can Specially, vegan dishes are having variety choices and taste freaking good. Beverages almost are Magrita make by the special Patron, they offer multiple drink from Patron and Sol beers from origins Mexico.
Place: Mexican has abundant cuisine well-known around the world. DF holds up to that standard right in the town. Focusing on high-end locals and middle end above foreigners, their menu has well written in English. It’s understandable because they located in foreigner’s town (Thao Dien). Theming themselves as a small-town Mexico inside of Hochiminh city, wall painting is colorful. Surrounding by little small things such as staff wear Hawaii-style with their sombrero on top. Spreading the Mexico in the air, guests can also wear the sombrero offered on their table.
Promotion: They served brunch during weekend and happy hours every weekday. Unlikely to most of restaurants in town, DF creates their own app and delivery to guests with 8% on each bills (appendix). Happy hours with buy 2 get 1 (appendix) may bring so much pleased. Moreover, DG engage their guest by the Cuban DJ artist every Sunday night, he is bringing joyfully Latino music right at restaurant(DFedn.d)

Menu Consideration:

Targeting middle-end class in Vietnam market, DF have very special requirements for who coming here. Honestly, you must have knowledge and understanding the Mexico foods, it is really taste weird for almost Vietnamese, the food itself is good but very difficult to adapt to Vietnamese people because we influenced by Cantonese and French cuisines. In term of the culture, DF makes their menu completely in English and even the staffs are Filipinos, only a few Vietnamese work there, but I’m sure the foods will sound weird to many of us. In term of price listed are considering to be expensive compare to others restaurant in town. Generally speaking, DF owners have done a good job by bringing the authentic Mexico taste to town, but it is also irritated somehow because they still located in Vietnam by the language itself in the menu. I’m sure they are many young people out there would like to try this amazing place but not everyone is able to read English.


Nguyen D, 2019. “Urban Vietnamese happy to pay more for healthy food: survey”., viewed 15 July 2020

DFedn.d, “Upcoming events”,, viewed 15 July 2020

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