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Teacher comments on previously submitted essay: Interesting but at times confusing work. with some problems both content wise and technical :….why does the narrator call herself a czar when there is a feminine form she could have used…. The narrator cannot be linked to Emily…. it’s a narrator, some woman contemplating her life in a world that tells her what she must be. Watch grammar/mechs. There are sporadic violations. Inset 2nd lines in the works cited. Title? Emily is a rich complex poet with her meaning never self evident. For the final assignment you may choose to revise the completed essay or not. In making that decision I would urge you to add the total earned points you have achieved. If the five points you can earn on a revision will change your course grade, I encourage you to do it. If it will not, you may decide not to. It’s up to you. Please remember that the scale I use (as is posted in the course) is 90-100=A, 80-89=B, etc. The revised essay must have all of the corrections highlighted or underlined. As you revise I expect you to recognize patterns of errors and correct all errors whether they are each noted or not. I also want, in a single document for you to list three critical mistakes you made in the course of writing the essay. The three things should be listed at the beginning of the single document you submit. Again, since the assignment is optional, check the grade book. If a few points will change the final grade it’s smart to do the work. If the final outcome cannot change your grade, you needn’t revise.  Points will be assessed according to the quality of the revision.

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