Revolution and Terrorism in the Modern Era

Prior to participating in this discussion you must carry out initial research on a terrorist organization in Central or South America. You may identify a Research Starter in the Ashford University Library, review an applicable video from the Films on Demand database, or watch a documentary film from a credible source on YouTube. Central and South America are in close proximity to the United States. This area poses unique issues to America as the conflict in the region results in people leaving their homeland for a new life in America. There are indicators that international terrorist groups like Hezbollah have established cells in Central and South America, which leads to a central question: What role does a state sponsor of terrorism play in Central and South America? In Week 1, you looked at the root causes of terrorism – political, cultural, economic, societal, and/or religious. To prepare for this week’s discussion, you will need to gain a basic understanding of a Central or South American terrorist group. In your initial post, – Identify the motivator behind the terrorist organization (political, culture, economy, society, or religion) that you think has had the greatest catalyst to spur terrorism by this organization. – Examine the motivator from the perspective of one or more international terrorist organizations or one or more domestic terrorist organizations. – Describe what underlying motivators led to the forming of the terrorist organization by addressing the following: – Identify the grievances of the terrorist group. – Identify the goals and actions of the group. – Explain whether the group has popular support. – Assess whether there a link to Islamic jihad. – Discuss if this group poses a threat to the U.S.

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