Risk Assessment of Organizations Security

Instruction for the Course Project Assignment for the whole session is highlighted below in BOLD. Please read the instruction carefully. The Course Project Assignment is an individual project draft proposal that students will develop incrementally to fully become the final paper at the end of the course. Students will add content every week when the Course Project Assignment for the week is due.  As a security manager or administrator of a fictitious company, write a Security Plan Proposal as a project draft document with the formats in the bullet points below. Please note that the project document is incremental, starting with the first Course Project Assignment for this week (week two) and ends in week eight. The Course Project Assignments (CPA) are aligned with the corresponding  Chapters in your paper (as follows): Week two CPA is your Chapter One of the paper. Week three CPA is your Chapter Two. Week four CPA is Chapter Three. Week five CPA is Chapter Four. Week six CPA is Chapter Five. Week seven CPA is Chapter Six. Week eight is for collating and reviewing the paper for thoroughness. The paper format should include the following:  Running Head, The first page will contain the title of the Plan Proposal, Name of the Student, Instructor’s Name, Course Name, and Date, Add a Table of Contents to outline your Chapters, Include in-text citations and references in APA format. Course Assignment for this week (Chapter one of your paper): Briefly provide an overview/description of your fictitious company. Identify and discuss the importance of risk assessment to the organization’s security framework? Discuss the five layers of risk. Explore the school library to identify some useful peer-reviewed, scholarly accepted articles for this assignment. Ensure your citations and references adhere to the school recommended APA format.

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