Role of Church in Trauma Counselling

The holy Bible should be the major tool with Christian books and articles. Guidelines attached. Title: “The role of the church in trauma counseling in crisis situation” Part I.    6 pages: Dissertation Proposal  leading to dissertation which is part II.The title of your Dissertation must represent subject matter that is directly related to your Major. It is mandatory that you submit your title to your faculty advisor for approval in your Proposal. How long should the proposal document be? ·         The proposal document should be minimum (6) six pages, excluding references [the reference list]. What should be included in the document? ·        A key point to remember when planning your proposal is why you are doing the research in the first place. A major requirement of a research degree is that the study contributes to the existing body of knowledge. You proposal should show where the existing gaps in the knowledge base of your discipline lie.

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