Role of Government in Promoting Economic Growth

Discuss the role of government policy in promoting or retarding economic growth in South Korea. Students are asked to write a paper, consisting of between 1200 and 1500 typewritten words, with lines double spaced.  The paper should contain the following: -Title page. This should show the paper’s title, your name and student number, and my name. -Footnotes (or endnotes). It is essential to reference all direct quotations and even when paraphrasing you should acknowledge your sources. -Bibliography. You should include at least three sources which are books or articles from scholarly journals. Websites (other than online scholarly journals) and newspaper articles may be used to supplement these three major sources but should not be relied upon exclusively. You should never cite Wikipedia or my lectures as a  source, though you may make use of them to find published sources.  The following factors will be taken into account in grading the assignment: 1. Presentation -style, grammar. 2. Quality of research. 3. Logical development of the material. 4. Quality of analysis. 

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