Role of Humor in Art


Begin with a quotation about role of humor in art/lit/stand up routine. Use one the articles in BB talking about the role of humor.Cite the source, for example, Smith (21019) writes, ——-

Then connect it to the question. We see this/this is evident in Naipaul’s Miguel Street and three stories we read, entitled, “—–,” “——” and “.” In addition, one can see this in the stand up routine of Kevin Hart/Robin Williams/etc.

Humor is an entry point for us to consider deeper social issues like race, poverty, sexism, homophobia


1. Naipaul- Tell us a little bit about him. What did he attempt to do in Miguel Street, themes . Use an article talking about how Naipaul is using humor, perhaps the Humor and Sympathy article. Then talk about some of ways Naipaul created humor. For instance, situations/dialect/child narrator. Give examples from the specific stories.

2. Comedian- who is she /he? Bio.

Tell us the standup routine u watched. What is he/she talking about? what are the issues and how does he/she tell us these stories to make us laugh? cite some examples. Use an article that talks about the comedian and what he/she does specifically then cite it here.

3. what did the humor serve for u the reader/listener? It allowed us to hear about certain issues, for ex sexism from a diff perspective; allows to sit with uncomfortable issues, deeper social issues and to consider the painful way it can impact peoples lives; lighter way to enter into a discussion/think about serious social/cultural/political. Point of identification with the material- I also do that; I’m guilty of that. Cite the article that talks about humor as a form of social change


Re statement of what u attempted to do in the essay. End by saying there is value to humor in our lives, and we see this reflected in writers and their work . This was evident in the stories of V.S. Naipaul that we read and the stand up routine of —— I watched. Humor does indeed provide us an entry point to hear, to consider and to sympathize with many painful stories. They allow us to laugh with, to laugh at situations and people but ultimately writers like Naipaul comedians like—-, do hope that we can move beyond the laughter to do some deeper reflection and have conversations and to act upon social situations that require change. Laughter allows us to hear stories that may be too painful for us to hear otherwise.

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