Rough Draft

Explanation:A References page is necessary for the rough draft and does NOT count as part of the page requirement.  You must use 7-9 sources and include all citations.  Also, this draft is double-spaced and you may use 12pt. Times or Times New Roman font. An abstract is required for your rough draft and does NOT count as part of the page requirement.You may write the introduction and body paragraphs or skip some body paragraphs and write the introduction, some body paragraphs and your conclusions.  However, please make sure the draft you hand in is 7-9 completed pages and includes citations and a working References page.  Also, make sure this paper is formatted correctly and reads in a professional way.  The ideas must be organized and the format must be correct.  Make sure to include in-text citations as well. Topic: Do economic benefits of the fast fashion industry outweigh the adverse impacts on the environment?*** This builds off previous orders, #177085383 for Thesis, #177201285 for Outline, #177201447 for Antithesis, and #177201491 for Credible Sources. ***

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