Submit a Word document that addresses each of the following: Chapter 19 Define scalability. List five to ten potential relationships that align with the Pareto principle, such as how 80 percent of sales come from 20 percent of customers. Compare and contrast vertical and horizontal scaling. Explain the importance of the database read/write ratio. Assume a site guarantees 99.99 percent uptime. How many minutes per year can the site be down? Chapter 20 List and describe five ways you think the cloud will change the future of TV. List and describe five potential uses for intelligent fabric.List and describe five ways the cloud will influence the mobile application market or vice versa.Discuss the importance of HTML 5.Discuss how the cloud will impact future operating systems.List and describe three potential location-aware applications. List and describe five ways intelligent devices may work together.Your responses should be submitted as a Word document and the paper should adhere to APA format and style. Your answers should be written in your own words. Include proper citations to any sources you used in your answers. URL and DOI for references. 

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