Scholarly Article Reports

Scholarly Article Reports: Read and report on five scholarly articles from early childhood education journals published after 2010. Articles should reflect curriculum and methodology in the United States. There should be one article for each of the target areas listed below: ·       –Curriculum ·       –Planning ·       —Implementation of Methods or Inclusion –Assessment (traditional and/or non-traditional ·       — Professionalism            Each report should be two pages long, double-spaced, and in size 12 font. Each report will have the following three parts clearly labeled: focused summary, critique (your personal reaction), and application to the classroom. A copy of the article and the Journal Article Rubric should be attached to the report. You are reminded that format (i.e., use of APA style in text and on References page, neatness, spelling, and grammar) will have an impact on the grade you receive for each report. Rubric you’ll be graded on: 1. Summary 2. Critique 3. Application to Classroom

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