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The National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice (2016) notes that “… healthcare organizations need nurses capable of gathering and analyzing population-level data, promoting wellness and disease prevention in the community, adopting and disseminating best practices for population health, and identifying patients who may benefit from greater outreach efforts to promote health screening and related primary care services.” (p.5) Reflect on the statement above, key course concepts (SEE ATTACHED FOR THESE), and how the study of population health has (or has not) changed the way in which you view the role of nursing in advocating for and assuring the health of populations. 1.) What impacts might a population-focused approach have on your practice or community? (Write from a home hospice/home health RN’s perspective, as I already work within the community and advocate for the health of many populations. This course enriched the knowledge that I had and helped integrate many concepts and skills.) 2.) Where might advocacy as a nurse leader make the most difference to vulnerable populations?  PLEASE SEE RUBRIC ATTACHED FOR SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS NEEDED. Some, but not all scholarly articles are attached also. All must be 5 years or younger and scholarly! Must use APA 6th Edition formatting.

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