Scholarship Essay

500 word scholarship essay describing my most significant achievement and what I learned from the experience that will aid me in being successful in college. I feel my greatest achievement in life so far is how I overcame a baseball injury that left me blind in one eye when I was in 6th grade. I dealt with PTSD from the accident during high school which I had to seek professional counseling. I dealt with being self conscious because my eye looked different from my good eye. I dealt with and still deal with depth perception. I dealt with fear of being seriously injured again. I have a different outlook on life overcoming challenges, goal setting, being mentally strong, never letting anything stop me (even though the injury occurred in 6th grade I played a few more years in baseball until the PTSD started. I decided one day that I wanted to play golf and make the varsity golf team and I did just that), etc. I need help putting this all together and how these will qualities will aid me in being successful in college.

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