SCM Introduction, Issues & Strategy

Intro to Supply ChainQ 1: (1000–1500 words Attempt either a or b (not both).Consider a recent purchase of furniture you made. Identify the supply chain involved in acquiring materials, manufacturing the furniture, and delivering this product to you i.e. you need to make a network diagram of different stages involved and make sure that it covers all the cycles in the cyclic view of supply chain. Identify at-least one pull process and one push process in this supply chain.OrThink of any organizations you are familiar with and graphically display their supply chain networks covering both the cyclic processes and push-pull processes and the major flows.Q 2: (400–500 words)What is the role of supply chain management in creating and adding value for customers and how this value surplus is measured in supply chains?Supply Chain Strategy and Performance MeasuresQ 3: (approximately 200 words)Discuss the impact of the product life cycle on strategic fit between implied demand uncertainty and supply chain responsiveness.Q 4: (approximately 150 words)Sketch the generic value chain for a company and briefly describe the contributions of each of its elements.Q 5: (200–300 words)Explain the basic trade-off between responsiveness and efficiency for each of the major drivers of supply chain performance.

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