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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLAN: Just a reminder that you will complete a social media plan for a real OR hypothetical company for submission in Module 8. There is a sample plan you might want to review in Chapter 15. At minimum those items that have a “star” next to them MUST be included in your plan. Also, within the Implementation section you must discuss at least five (5) platforms (i.e., for example if I’m opening a new fitness center I might discuss how I would use facebook, twitter, youtube, flicker and Ezine to promote my new business). One final note: this is a “PLAN”…meaning you don’t have to actually create these sites, rather analyze the options and create a plan outlining the best social media strategy for the organization). Ensure that you format the paper in a Word document using an academic writing style of your choice (APA, MLA, Turabian etc.) References (5 sources minimum) and in-text citations are required The paper should be approximately 5-8 pages, excluding the title page & reference page NOTE: no presentation will be required.

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