Seamus Heaney

Grendel and his mother enter Beowulf’s life from the outside, accidentally, challenges which in other circumstances he might not have taken up, enemies from whom he might have been distracted or deflected. The dragon, on the other hand, is a given of his home ground, abiding in his underearth as in his understanding, waiting for the meeting…Dragon equals shadow-line…the embodiment of a knowledge deeply ingrained in the species which is the very knowledge of the price to be paid for physical and spiritual survival. –Seamus Heaney, Introduction, in Beowulf,  translated by Seamus Heaney. W.W. Norton & Company, Inc, 2000. Do you agree with Heaney’s assessment that Grendel’s mother and son represent symbolic “accidental outsiders” while the dragon symbolizes an inner knowledge associated with sacrifice and survival? How so or not? My request: essay can be simply worded but informative, thank you!  also it can be 500 words exactly.

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