Security Software Evaluation

In this assignment, you will be evaluating and selecting a security software system for a business. As a part of this assignment, you will complete a decision matrix comparing multiple software systems as well as creating a one-page memo on why you selected the system that you did. You are working as the CIO for a medium-sized business with 100 users. This is an office setting, and your primary security concern is that individual worker desktops do not become infected with viruses, spyware, and other malware. These threats can come from the web as employees use their web browsers or through email. Your initial evaluation of vendors has indicated that you should evaluate the following three products: Avast (Links to an external site.) [Website] Retrieved from Symantec (Links to an external site.) [Website] Retrieved from Kaspersky (Links to an external site.) [Website] Retrieved from Use information contained in the following articles to help you understand which system is right for your business: How to choose security and anti-virus software (Links to an external site.). (2014, Feb 04). Atom Content Marketing. Retrieved from Howell, David. (2013, Aug 29). Antivirus software: choose the right one for your business (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from For each of the listed products, answer these questions: what will the cost be for 100 users? What features are provided by the software? How does this software compare to the other alternatives? After you select a software system, write a brief one-page memo explaining why you have made this decision. Include the answers to the questions above.

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