Selling Plan

Part II: Selling Plan (50 Points; Group Grade) The purpose of the selling plan is to prepare your team for a successful sales call. The selling plan should include: customer value proposition, customer benefit proposition, competitive comparison, delineation of promotional support elements, and solution quantification. Each team should submit one team assignment / selling plan (approximately 5-8 pages) The format of the plan can be bullet pointed or written (like a term paper); if you plan on using bullets, please make sure ALL information is present and you give more than “highlights”. Points will be deducted if you do not follow the format given in the PART II SELLING PLAN section of this document Due Date: August 3, 2020 (considered late after 11:59 pm) Any selling plan submitted late will be given a 25-point deduction (out of 50 possible points). Further, a 5-point deduction will be taken off for each day after the due date in which the evaluation is late until a 0 is reached. Selling plan grades will be assigned at the group level, not as an individual grade. ·        Please submit the Selling Plan via Canvas (upload file in ONLY MS Word or PDF format) and PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE PAPER PER GROUP

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