Sensation and Perception Discussion

1. What are Sensation and Perception?  Why are they important to study?  What kinds of changes in your life would you have to make if you suddenly could not feel pain? Think about your chosen field, how might losing any one of the senses affect your clients, students, etc. How would you help them adjust? Be specific and give examples.  2. Describe how perceptual constancies and the Gestalt principles account for common perceptual experiences. Be specific and provide an example from your chosen field that links the two. 3. Describe how the neuroscientific study of magic can help to explain visual and cognitive illusions. The examples highlighted in your text are based on visual illusions; can you think of a magic trick or performance that may have been based on an illusion in a different sensory modality? Be specific and provide examples.  4. Have you ever noticed that when your nose is all stopped up, your sense of taste is affected, too? Why does this happen? Describe how the sense of taste and smell work separately and together. In your chosen field, explain the importance of these two senses. Be specific and give examples.

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