Service Learning Project

1. Students can choose a Service-Learning project instead of the final exam. The purpose of the project is to identify a nonprofit’s challenges in managing volunteers and provide suggestions as a consultant. 2. Objectives of the Service-Learning Project Identify and analyze organizational needs and demonstrate knowledge and skills on problem-solving and decision-making by engaging with a nonprofit organization. 3. Project Activities 1) Select any nonprofit and contact the volunteer manager (one person is enough) • local and charitable organizations 2) Collect data regarding volunteer management of the nonprofit • Website, annual report, etc.. 3) Conduct semi-structured interview with the volunteer manager • Using interview questions • Zoom, Teams, Phone, or E-mail 4) Write a consulting report for the purpose of providing to the manager • Introduction, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Conclusion • You are to deliver your recommendation to the volunteer manager based on the literature, interview, and data that you collected about the nonprofit organization. • The recommendation is to be communicated through an email and a two-pages memo. The memo is to include citations, using APA formatting. The bibliography is to be the third page of the memo. • Using the template • The paper should be single-spaced and no longer than 2 pages of text. • E-mail content (first page), References, Tables and Figures: Do not count toward page length • 1-inch margin • Times New Roman, 12 font size • Indent paragraphs 4. Guidance on sources • No required the minimum number of sources. • Book, Book chapters, articles, and government sources are okay, but do not use blogs and Wikipedia. • Provide the full bibliography information at the end of the paper. • Use APA 6th style. 5. Students will submit in Canvas • Form of Semi-Structured Interview • Consulting report

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