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Study Guide for ANTH 1100 Final Exam – Summer 2020 The final exam will consist of two parts. There will be an essay question (listed below) that students are required to study for in the final few weeks of the course and prepared to write on August 10th.  Prepare an outline as you study/review your materials on how you would answer the question using the textbook, the lectures, films and discussion forums. The page limit for answering this question is 3 typed double-spaced pages (approximately 250 words per page) in a 12 point font. The minimum requirement for this exam essay question is 1.5 pages. As you will have had this essay question for a number of weeks prior to the exam the essay answer should include both an introduction, a set of arguments as well as a conclusion. Part A Essay Question: What do anthropologists mean when they refer to the concept of ‘culture’? Using your knowledge gained in the course discuss how culture shapes the social structure (rules) and social relationships (people and their actions) of small and large scale societies. One of two major themes presented in Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology focused around the reciprocal relationship between the environment and culture. Indeed, how does culture shape the environments that we live in? In turn, how does the environment shape culture? Can large scale societies learn from other cultural types to move toward a more sustainable global system?   Part B: (in this section use cultural examples drawn from course materials to either outline/define or discuss the terms/concepts).   Outline/define or discuss the following:   Anthropocene Anthropogenic biomes Structural violence Extreme poverty Planetary boundary Genocide Ethnocide Ethnicity Assimilation Micro credit/Grameen Bank Anthropology of Development American Four Points Program

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