Sexual Violence Movements

1) First, discuss whether or how some of the categories offered by Held’s Feminist Transformation of Moral Theory could reveal or counter the sexual violence and silencing involved in the current “Me Too” movement. {In you answer consider how serving justice here would require challenging both “cultural conceptions” (social codes) and “structures” (institutions), and thus introduce an alternative notion of “legitimate” social relations (see end of Tommy Curry essay)} 2) after considering Tommy Curry’s analysis of the sexual violence involved in racism: discuss how a Black Lives Matter movement needs to face the challenges involved in dealing with (Young’s) psychological “abjection” (phobic fear/desire), and what difficulties may be involved in Young’s project of “consciousness raising” (asking each to take responsibility for their “practical consciousness” and action), and hopes for a “revolution in subjectivity” (seeing yourself as potentially “other”).

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