short answer assignment

Watch the following video and then answer the short discussion questions found in this assignment.Each answer must be 70 words.Video’s link: This link is part of the source I provided among the attachments., and you can use it as a source as well.deo Questions: Some people believe that people of color ca be racist against white people. In this assignment, we examine the reasons why even though people of color can participate in individual acts of bias, racism inherently references the power structure that allows the dominant group to oppress the disempowered group. You will also answer a few questions discussing how Indigenous groups experience whiteness. Part 1: WHAT IS REVERSE RACISM? (Key segments in the video: Dakota and Sam) “Reverse racism” generally refers to the concept of people of color being racist against white people. Though people of color can participate in individual acts of bias and prejudice against white people, white people are free from the systemic discrimination that people of color often face. In order for racism to truly exist against a group, that group must experience racial discrimination resulting from their lack of access to the power structure, not only individual biased acts. This lack of structural equity can play out in a variety of settings for people of color such as housing, education and the justice system. Answer the following questions referring to this concept making sure to directly cite support from your readings this week or another anthropological source. 1.What are some settings in which people of color have more or less structural power than white people? 2.

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