Short Critical Essay

Info> Short Critical Essay Students will write one short critical essay. The purpose of the SCE is for you to demonstrate that you have completed the reading, and more importantly, learned something about writing from it. Process: I. Choose one aspect of the reading to focus on. Make that focus about writing craft. II. Examine the ways in which the element you’ve chosen to write about has developed your understanding of writing in a new or different way. Requirements: A. SCEs should be approximately two pages long. B. Quote or paraphrase from the text to support the claims you’re making. C. Use correct MLA format. If you don’t know what this is, check Blackboard or go to the Writing Center at the Learning Commons. Advice: 1. You may use the word “I” since you are talking about your own growing understanding of writing craft. However, use it sparingly. 2. Avoid personal examples. Stay focused on the text. 3. Do not summarize the reading. I’m looking for your analysis and application of a concept. 4. Do not use any other outside readings. The only thing on your works cited list should be the book. Everything else comes from you. 5. I recommend writing multiple drafts of the SCEs. Use the writing lab or my office hours to get feedback before the due date. 6. Read the sample SCE to follow on Blackboard.

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