Short poem essay

so wrote my english essay and she want to i edit something and that’s what she wants : As for the essay itself, here is my feedback: Your essay is off to a good start. However, I’m concerned that much of the ideas presented in your essay may not have originated with you, yet have not been cited. For example, the last sentence of your essay which states “This poem portrays her voice of the Aboriginals, and she lives on through her literary works.” Is this your original idea/sentence, or did you find this information by researching the poem and the poet? Please go back and revise the essay, so that it includes only your original ideas as it relates to analyzing the poem. Try no to rely on an outside resource to interpret and analyze the poem. Also, the lines you refer to in the poem as similes are not similes. Please revise that paragraph. For more information on similes, you can refer to this resource –

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