Significance and Power

How would changing the alpha or the beta of a study affect the results or interpretations?How would a smaller alpha affect the statistical significance of a study result? For clinical significance?What is the difference between statistical and clinical significance?250-275 words, APA format, scholarly source.Useful Resources:Davies, H.T.O., Crombie, I.K., and Tavakoli, M. (1998). When can odds ratios mislead? BMJ, 316. Retrieved from Statistical correlation. Retrieved from, K.D., Milligan, R.A., and Pugh, L.C. (2011). Calculating and interpreting the odds ratio. American Nurse Today, 6(3). Retrieved from (2018). One Way ANOVA (Analysis of Variance): Introduction | Statistics Tutorial #25. (2016). Relative risk, risk difference and odds ratio. Retrieved from Science Digital Library’s Computation Science Education Research Desk. (2016). Correlation coefficients. Retrieved from, D.W. (2003). Relative risk and the odds ratio. Retrieved from Interactive Statistical Analysis. Correlations. Retrieved from (2016). ANOVA/MANOVA. Retrieved from (2016). Correlations. Retrieved from

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