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1. No research, citations or works cited is needed.  2. I have attached a short essay that the essay that will show the ties between what has been learned in ENG 111 and the way that it was applied to the essay.  3. Topics I want covered to reflect what I have learned are: audience, tone, and order. Make sure the essay tells how I applied those three things and why they are important.  4. For the conclusion: please reflect on how the three topics helped with this class and with other writing assignments in other classes and how it might impact my next semester.  Thank you! ———————————————————————————————– In addition, I have copied what the professor wants included just in case.  Topic Select a piece of writing you have done this semester that was not for this class and that you still have a copy of. (You will need to turn in a copy of that writing along with your final copy, as well as the guidelines for that assignment.)  The writing could have been for another class, for work, or for personal communication or enjoyment.   The focus of your paper should be on the ties between what you learned in this class and the ways that you applied that information to the work that you created. Some topics that you might choose to address are thesis, order, details/research, audience, editing, tone, voice, format, introduction/conclusion, method of development/style of writing, use of your handbook, or transitions. If you did not apply the concepts from this course, you will need to address that omission in your writing.   For example, for the piece of writing you are working with, did you apply what you learned in this class about the importance of audience?  Did you stop to analyze your audience before writing?  How did your analysis of audience (or lack of analysis) impact the writing?  How well was the writing received because of your analysis (or lack of analysis)? Thinking about how you applied this class’ material to a writing done outside of this class is called reflection.  Your conclusion for this assignment should take this reflective exercise and move it forward — in your conclusion, look ahead to your future classes or your future workplace if you are about to graduate.  In your conclusion, discuss how this exercise in reflection might impact your next semester or your experiences in the workplace. Research This paper does not require any research, any citations, and no Works Cited page.

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