Slavery and American Capitalism

Read: Start with this excerpt from Baptist’s book The Half Has Never Been Told: _about_how_the_american_economy_and_power_were_built_on_forced_migration_a nd_torture/Then read this article from the New York Times’s Pulitzer Prize winning 1619 Project on Slavery and American Capitalism: listen to this podcast from the 1619 Project: read this article that disputes many of Baptist and the NHC’s conclusions about Slavery and American Capitalism: watch this lecture: slavery-and-anglo-american-capitalism-revisitedWrite a 5-6 page paper on slavery and American capitalism that accomplishes the following objectives:• Summarizes the debate between NHC and economic historians.• Explains which side of the debate you find most convincing.• Defends your position using specific supporting evidence.Please use these sources to cite in the essay, and include a work cited pagePlease follow the instructions and if there are any questions please just shoot me a message.

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