Small Business Management

List, explain and evaluate the most common forms of legal structures for a Small Business. You should stress the importance for a small business to choose the appropriate legal structure. QUESTION 2 Funding Opportunities for a Small Business (750 words) List, explain and evaluate the main funding options for a Small Business, including advantages and disadvantages of selecting those options. Include linkages to business structure It assesses the following learning outcomes: Students will be able to – Distinguish the characteristics, competences and contributions of small businesses, as well as their challenges. – Explain key components of the strategic management of growth to small business contexts. – Critically assess and apply suitable marketing and financing strategies to small businesses. – Conduct a small business using the strategic elements. Formalities: Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded from the total wordcount. Font: Arial 12,5 pts. Text alignment: Justified. Harvard style in-text citations and bibliography

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