Smart Mobile Technologies Transportation Systems

Smart Mobile Technologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems Emerging smart mobile technologies have the potential to enhance the functionality of transportation systems, improving a community’s livability and quality of life. Cities and counties rely on their transportation systems to enable both work and play. The potential application scenario may include one of the following: • Smart traffic management • Smart parking management • Smart public transportation management • Smart transportation pricing and payment systems • Smart mobility-on-demand systems You are also encouraged to explore and design innovated applications that would be different from the above scenarios. It would potentially be novel and practical ideas to advance the current mobile technologies in intelligent transportation systems.Project Requirements Please choose one application scenario from the above list, and conduct your investigation/research from at least the following five aspects (your project presentation and report should fully cover these aspects): 1. What is it? (e.g., infrastructures, standards, etc.) 2. What are the objectives? What problems are solved? 3. What mobile technologies are employed in it? 4. What types of connectivity/communication technology does it use 5. What are the special challenges in it?

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