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Assignment: Blog: Social Change Research is often used to address problems or issues that occur in society. Despite this focus, conducting research focused on such problems or issues does not ensure that the findings will influence social change. For this blog, you explore how you might be able to impact social change through addressing the problem you selected for your Capstone Project. ASSIGNMENT Write an explanation of how you might influence social change by addressing the problem you selected for your Capstone Project. Include why the changes are significant for public administration, public policy, and/or nonprofit management, as well as implications for future research. (See attached for information on my Project) Required Readings Binderkrantz, A. S. (2012). Interest groups in the media: Bias and diversity over time. European Journal of Political Research, 51(1), 117–139. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases. This article discusses the decline of labor and business dominance of Danish news media and the growing presence and increased diversity of public interest groups in the news. Group appearances in the news have had an impact on coverage and shift to a wider range of policy discussions. Franko, W., Tolbert, C. J., & Witko, C. (2013). Inequality, self-interest, and public support for “Robin Hood” tax policies. Political Research Quarterly, 66(4), 923–937. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases. This article explores public support for income redistribution initiatives, especially among lower income individuals, as exemplified in Washington State’s Proposition 1098. Dunleavy, P., & Margetts, H. (2010, September). The second wave of digital era governance. Paper presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, DC. Retrieved from This paper discusses changes in public management approaches following the credit crunch and financial crisis of 2008. The paper explains how the widespread use of Internet technologies and the resulting cost savings are changing government management processes. Walden University. (n.d.-b). Vision and mission statements. Retrieved August 28, 2014, from This Web page defines vision and mission statements. It also provides links to view the vision and mission statements for several colleges and schools at Walden University.

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