Social Deviance

Double spaced; one-inch margins all around; font no greater than 12 points; save as .doc (.docx) or rft document; must use provided link to upload/attach the document in order to receive consideration or credit for the assignment. No email submissions! Instructions: In a well developed essay (number of pages is not important; paper will be graded on format, responsiveness and quality): Identify and briefly discuss a self-selected sociological theory that will guide your investigation. research, select and clearly describe a deviant event or activity; be sure to address the following questions (as applicable) in your description: who – what – where – when – why – how research, identify, describe supporting evidence or explanations leading to at least two positive functions and at least two negative functions associated the deviant activity or event you identified/described Provide a summary paragraph of the significance of theory and our understanding of deviance. Note: Be sure to provide appropriate citations and list sources used.

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