Social Justice

Please complete assignment in powerpoint,can choose any social justice topic .to complete assignment please follow instructions below,please provide reference1.)Select a social justice issue that is currently relevant (ex.: #enoughisenough No to antisemitism, excessive force by law enforcement, mass incarceration, reproductive justice, immigrant rights, women’s rights, farmworkers rights, school-to-prison pipeline, etc.);Research the history of the issue, including the following information about the identified group:History of treatment of identified group as it relates to health, legal/justice system, politics, economics, education, and oppression. If applicable, attempt to establish a timeline of the issue that includes colonization and slavery.Commonly held beliefs and stereotypes about the identified group.Discuss: Social Forces- Values and Beliefs, Economic Forces- What are the resources and how are they distributed? Political Forces- Govt, laws, and policies and their impact on this issue. Include a discussion on power- identify the different kinds (legitimate, reward, coercive, referent, and expert. Who has it? What do they do with it?Discuss current social action campaigns and/or groups advocating on behalf of the identified group, and how they developed. Include a discussion on justice- What does it look like interpersonally? procedural? economic?Discuss the role that social workers play/can play in advocating on behalf of the identified group; Be specific (position, tasks, micro or macro)Find an educational and/or advocacy event that is happening (National or International) that would help support the identified group, including:The purpose, objectives, agenda, and intended impact of the event,Target audience,Location of the event,How your group would advertise the eventReflect on how the knowledge you acquired throughout the process will impact your social work practice

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