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 800 words Health informatics due to 11/5/2020  Social Media in Education and Healthcare case study Grace Speak is a fourth-year student at Best University. She and her fellow classmates are working hard in their final courses and preparing for exams. Inspired by the teamwork that the healthcare profession espouses, Grace gets an idea for a study group. She thinks it will really help share case experiences, course notes, and study tips. Unfortunately, several members of her peer group live out of town, which makes it difficult for them to participate fully. Grace is torn, as she does not want to exclude them from the study group. When she voices her concerns to a classmate, her friend suggests using social media tools as the primary medium for sharing information. Discussion Questions1. 200 words–What types of social media tools could Grace’s study group use? 2. 200 words–How would those tools facilitate the objectives of the study group? 3. 200 words–What are some of the risks associated with using social media for such purposes? 4. 200 words–What might Grace need to do from the outset when she forms the study group? Use the attached textbook and 4 other resources to respond to the case study in APA 7th essay format. 

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