Social Media

For this persuasive speech, I will focus on the negative effects of social media.Problem: Social media has fueled social unrest around the world, as well as increased mental health issues.Solution: For my speech, I will forecast how we as a species can overcome the manipulation/addiction of social media for our well-being.Length: 5 – 6 Pages (not including the title page & reference page).Main Points: 3 (you may not add extra main points)Sub Points: 2 per main point, 6 total (you may not add extra sub points)Research: 6 References & 6 in-text citations. Each “Data” component in “Claim, Data, Warrant” must utilize an in-text citation/be supported by a reference.Outline Structure: Preparation Outline (use Persuasive Speech Template).Argument Structure: Stock Issues Format (i.e. Problem-Causes-Solution).Formatting: Outline must utilize APA formatting (i.e. Times New Roman Font, 12 pt. Font, Double-Spacing, 1″ Margins, Running Head, Title Page, Reference Page).

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