Social Media Marketing Plan

The company that i choose is  it is a start up business and the project is base on small companies. To start the plan the marketing socail media template has to be completed then the plan can be written. The slides should contain few notes and the all the note has to be in the presenter notes.  All of the things listed has be done has well and the things listed for the persentation as well has to be written in the presenter notes. Some of the persentaion answers are what has been answered in the socail media template. ·         Brand identity ·         Buyer personas x 3 ·         Social media audit ·         Outline of strategic plan (KPIs to measure + goals, posting schedule. etc.) ·         Recommendations of platforms to use (including rationale) ·         Content samples x 3 for each platform ·         Sample positive and negative responses ·         ROI explanation

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